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Chinese Grandmother, Dressed for New Year

20th Century

Anna Hotchkis Studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1906-1910, in Munich and at Edinburgh College of Art under Robert Burns. She lived in China 1926-37, taught at the Yenching University, Peking (1922-4). She met an American artist Mary Mulliken and the two women travelled widely to very remote parts of China, sketching and keeping a detailed journal of their trip to the ‘Nine Sacred Mountains’, which Anna Later published as a book in 1974.


She painted in watercolour and oil, often working alongside Dorothy Johnstone, May Brown, Cecile Walton and Jessie King in Kirkcudbright. She was a popular and key figure of the ‘Greengate Coterie’ (as Jessie King had referred to the women artists of Kirkcudbright) and lived a very full life, writing, painting and travelling till her death aged 89.

Watercolour on paper
42cm x 33.5cm
Gracefield Arts Centre
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Dumfries & Galloway Council