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Cowboy on Guard


Born Campbletown, the son of a doctor, George Pirie attended Glasgow University before turning to art. He studied at the Slade and in Paris where he painted animals and birds, as well as some landscape. As a draughtsman he was excellent with a fluid and confident line but his colour tends to the grey.


He often added watercolour to his pencil in a free and ‘wet’ style, and he also made extensive use of pastel. In the 1880s he was associated with the Glasgow Boys, and in the early 1890s he was in Texas for a period, drawing horses and ranching scenes and it was probably during this period, which ‘Cowboys on Guard’ was painted. He died in Torrance aged 83.

Oil on Canvas
27.5cm x 33cm
Gracefield Arts Centre
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Dumfries & Galloway Council