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Kirkcudbright Buildings

19th Century

Born in Castle Douglas, MacGeorge attended the Royal Institution Art School in Edinburgh before going to Antwerp where he studied under Verlat 1884-5. On his return he painted subjects, which involved children at play, executed in low-toned colours, but he soon came under the influence of E A Hornel, who persuaded him to use brighter colours and greater impasto.


MacGeorge’s work thus belongs to the Kirkcudbright School, sharing their subject matter and technique and he sometimes shared a studio with David Gauld. He continued to paint children at play, fields of flowers, woods, rivers with fishermen and some evening scenes. He also was inspired by the ballads of the Borders. He painted in Venice c. 1912. In 1929 he married the widow of Hugh Munro, the watercolourist Mabel Victoria MacGeorge. He died in Gifford, East Lothian.

oil on board
350mm x 425mm
Gracefield Arts Centre
Digital Number:
Dumfries & Galloway Council