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Jacob and Rachel at the Well of Haran

17th Century

This painting tells the story, recorded in Genesis, of Jacob meeting and falling in love with Rachel.  Rachel had come with many other shepherds and shepherdesses to the well at Haran to water her flock.  She was the daughter of one of Jacob's relatives and when Jacob saw her he fell in love with her.  Her father Laban requested that Jacob work 7 years for him before he would give Rachel to him in marriage.


Gerard de Lairesse was a Dutchman, born in Liรจge.  In his early years as an artist he was greatly influenced by Rembrandt's work.  However his admiration for the Dutch master waned and latterly he pursued a more fashionable style.  In 1690 he went blind putting an end to his painting.  He turned his attention to art theory and lecturing.  His collected lectures were published and were highly influential.

Place of Production:
oil on canvas
1130 x 1920mm
The Dick Institute
Accession number:
Digital Number:
East Ayrshire Council