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Dr Werner Kissling: A Retrospective

Croft, South Uist



'Croft which presents a happy blending of the present with the past. Iochdar, Isle of South Uist, 1938.


The crofter has done his best with each type of wall. In the white-washed house, which has been mortared, the roof is brought to the outer edges of the walls. Whereas, if the roof only covers the inner walls, as in the outbuilding, the dry stone-work is left. The old porous dry stone wall, especially if the stones are placed slanting downwards and outwards, looks after itself and is generally less damp than if superficially mortared or plastered. The croft is rather an exceptional one in that some attempt has been made to form a yard.'


Dr Kissling's note, 1978


Although Dr Kisslng's note is focused on the black houses, the ducks on the pond and group of chatting people by the houses show his ability to capure everyday scenes of life in his photographs.


Research note, 2019

Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
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PP/KISSLING COLLECTION, Retrospective 1978/2
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