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Glenfield Ramblers' Wildlife and Animal Photography

Glenfield Ramblers' Wildlife and Animal Photography

After a change to the working hours for employees at Kilmarnock industrial machinery company Glenfield & Kennedy, a group of workers formed to plan trips and walks to areas of outstanding beauty and historical interest. After working as a loosely affiliated group for 12 years, the Kilmarnock Glenfield Ramblers Society was formally founded in Spring 1884. 


In the 1880s, as the Glenfield Ramblers society was founded, amateur photography was advanced and made more accessible by the introduction of new methods of photographic processing. These advances were embraced by members of the Glenfield Ramblers, who captured images and recorded memories of animals and wildlife as we see here in addition to nature photography, images of landscapes, and historic properties.


In the early days of wildlife and animal photography, slow lenses and low film speed made capturing photographs in natural habitats difficult. As a result, many early photos of animals were usually of zoo animals. In this selection of images, the Ramblers have photographed animals in their natural habitats, and also in zoos, farms and domestic settings.