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Historic Holiday- Clans, Tartans, and Edwardian Postcards

Clan Brodie


Motto: Unite

Plant Badge:Periwinkle

Lands: Between Morayshire and Nairnshire, on the border between Moray and the Highlands.


It is difficult to know the exact origins of Clan Brodie, as much of their early records were destroyed by Clan Gordon in 1645. Historian Dr. Ian Grimble believed that the Brodie lineage can be traced back to the Picts, and that they may even share a bloodline with Pictish kings. There is a longstanding belief that a witch cursed the Brodie chiefs, "to the effect that no son born within the castle should ever become heir to the property." This curse may have influenced Shakespeare to include the Brodies in the play Macbeth, as the scene with the introduction of the three witches occurs on Brodie Lands. The locals refer to this location as "Macbeth's Hillock."


In the 15th Century, the seventh Clan Chief, John of Brode, helped Clan Mackenzie defeat Clan Macdonald in the battle of Blair-Na-Pairc. Thanks to his actions, the Clans Brodie and Mackenzie became strong friends and allies. The Brodies have had a strong military presence throughout their history, and have fought with the Covenanters and in the Jacobite Risings. The current Brodie Chief is Alexander Tristan Duff Brodie of Brodie, and is the 27th Chief of Clan Brodie.


Clan Brodie's Modern tartan is red, with one black stripe, and two yellow stripes, as can be seen in this postcard. Other clans eligible to wear the Brodie tartan are the Brody, Bryde, and Brydie clans.


Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
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N. TAR 15
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N. TAR 15 Brodie Front, N. TAR 15 Brodie Back
Dumfries & Galloway Council

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