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Historic Holiday- Clans, Tartans, and Edwardian Postcards

MacDonald of Glengarry


 Motto: The Rock of the Raven (Postcard quotes per Mare et Terras- the Macdonald motto)

Plant Badge: Heath

Lands: Invergarry Castle is located on the Raven's Rock, Invergarry. This castle was the seat of the chief of Clan MacDonald of Glengarry for centuries, until the Duke of Cumberland destroyed it after the Battle of Culloden in 1746.


The MacDonalds of Glengarry are a branch of Clan MacDonald / Donald, and take their name from Glen Garry, where the River Garry runs eastwards through Loch Garry. The clan crest has an image of a raven on a rock, which is depicted on the postcard presented here. Author Sir Iain Moncreiffe believes that the raven represents Nordic influence in Clan Donald, as Norse Mythology says that Odin had two pet ravens. This is only one theory however, as ravens also have a connection to Celtic legends as an omen of war and death. This could explain the MacDonald of Glengarry's war cry of "The Raven's Rock," and why they chose Invergarry Castle as their clan seat, as it was in a strategic battle position on top of the Raven's Rock.


The MacDonald of Glengarry have several tartans, all of which follow the same colour scheme of red, blue, and green. These tartans look very similar; however, the tartan seen in this postcard is an example of the Modern tartan.


Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
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N. TAR 16
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N. TAR 16 MacDonald of Glengarry Front, N. TAR 16 MacDonald of Glengarry Back
Dumfries & Galloway Council

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