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Kilmarnock FC Through the Years

Team photo of Kilmarnock FC, 1969

20th Century

This photo shows Kilmarnock FC in their centenary year.


Back Row Standing (left to right):- B. Rodman, J. Gold, W. Miller, P. Nicol, J. McFadzean, F. Beattie, J. McGrory, J. Gilmour, T. Anderson, R. Arthur


Middle Row Standing (left to right):- A. King, R. Waddell, H. McKellar, A. McLaughlan, I. Dick, G. Queen, G. Maxwell, E. Morrison


Front Row Standing (left to right):- J. Murdoch (Trainer), T. McLean, B. McIlroy, R. Neil, W. Sinclair, W. Waddell, C. Evans, J. McLean, W. Dickson, W. Rodman, J. Lawson, J. Cook, H. Allan (Trainer)


Front Row Sitting (left to right):- Mr. W. W. McCrae, Manager. Mr. R. B. Robertson, Mr. G. J. Ralston, F.R.C.S.E. Mr. R. B. Thyne, Mr. W. McIvor, Chairman, Mr. D. R. McCulloch, Mr. T. Kerr, Mr. T. M. Lauchlan, Mr. R. Richmond, Mr. N. McNeil

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