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Moving Image: Seeing Things

The Ensignette Camera

This small camera was designed for the 'Houghtons' company by the Swedish Engineer Magnus Neil. The Ensignette (No.1) was introduced in 1909 and was the first all metal mass produced camera in the UK, this one, the Ensignette No.2, which was slightly larger, was introduced in 1912. Due to their size they also used  entirely new film sizes making it a risky venture for Houghtons. The gamble paid off and new markets opened up in the US and in 1913 Kodak took the unprecedented step of producing film for both the Ensignette No1 and the No.2 model.
Place of Production:
The Dick Institute
Digital Number:
EAEX022a, b, c
Creation Date:
Early 20th Century
East Ayrshire Council

Alternative Views:

alternative small picturealternative small picturealternative small picture