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The Boyds of Kilmarnock

Civil War, Restoration and Rewards

Civil War, Restoration and Rewards

James Boyd was the younger brother of Robert (the 7th Lord Boyd). In 1641 on the death of his nephew Robert Boyd (The 8th Lord Boyd) James inherited the title and became the 9th Lord Boyd.


James supported King Charles I during the civil war and was a member of the Committee of War in 1644 and 1648. The Boyd's' remained faithful to the crown which at first cost the family dearly, financially embarrassing the Boyd's by mortgaging many of their vast estates toSir William Cochrane of Cowdoun, merely to meet obligations to Charles I. In 1654 James was heavily fined £1500 by Oliver Cromwell during the 'Act of Grace'.  This was an act of pardon to the people of Scotland from the English Parliament that declared the people of Scotland for any crimes they may have committed during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.


Despite being in financial difficulty, over a period of time James was able to modernize and renovate areas of Dean Castle. The 9th Lord Boyd is said to have paid great attention to the trade of Kilmarnock, he was able to establish a local school in the Kilmarnock area during this time to educate the youth of the area. The 9th Lord Boyd's will was confirmed at Edinburgh in October of 1655, as he appears to have died in March 1654.



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