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The Boyds of Kilmarnock

The Controversial Regency

The Controversial Regency

In 1454, Sir Robert Boyd (d. 1482), the great-great-great grandson of the Robert Boyd who built Dean Castle, was made Lord Judiciary of Scotland. In celebration of his new rank, he added the Palace on to the Dean Castle.


Six years later in 1460, James III ascended to the Scottish throne after the death of his father, King James II, who fell during a seige at Roxburgh Castle. The new King was only a young boy, and so Sir Alexander Boyd, who was Lord Boyd's brother and the Governor of Edinburgh Castle, became his tutor. This closeness to the new King afforded Boyd with the chance to take a big risk, and six years into the young King's rule in 1466, Sir Robert took a gamble that saw the Boyds ascend in power to one of the highest positions in the Kingdom.  

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