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Sanquhar Knitting

Glove in the Cornet pattern, "JNF" at wrist

20th Century

Example of a Sanquhar pattern glove in black and white wool to illustrate the "Cornet" design. The Cornet is a principal character in the annual Riding of the Marches ceremony.


This example was knitted by Miss Jane N Forsyth, then in her seventies, using size 15 needles and 3 ply wool. It has the initials "JNF" at the wrist. Her gloves were displayed at various country shows over the years.


When the Riding of the Marches was revived in 1937, Miss Jessie Wilson knitted gloves for the Cornet using the "Cornet" square and adding a square with a diagonal cross to represent the Scottish cross of St Andrew. Similar gloves were presented to the cornets in 1938 and 1939. After the war the lady chosen to knit the gloves knitted only the "Duke" pattern - so that was the one used. In 1994, the old "Cornet's" pattern was once again used. Long may it continue to be worn by the Cornet as he leaves the Court of the Marches to join his followers on his special day.

Place of Production:
length 245mm, (cuff) width 75mm
Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum
Accession number:
Digital Number:
SQTX026a, SQTX026b
Creation Date:
Dumfries & Galloway Council

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