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Autograph of Garibaldi

19th Century

This letter carries the signature of Giuseppe Garibaldi who was a great admirer of the works of Robert Burns.  This would have no doubt  delighted Burns himself who had always admired revolutionaries and had written of his support in principle for both the French Revolution and the American War of Independance.


Born in Nice, Garibaldi was a revolutionary Italian soldier who played a central role in the unification of Italy by conquering Sicily and Naples in 1860 commanding 1000 troops who became known as Garibaldi's redshirts.  In his life he also attempted to forcibly liberate Rome from Papal rule, fought against the Austrians and the French who threatened his homeland and became a mercenary commander in South America during a period of exile.

Dean Castle
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Creation Date:
11 May 1870
East Ayrshire Council