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Robert Burns

Robert Burns engraving


Framed collection of cuttings relating to Burns.  Images comprise eight portraits of Burns, his birthplace, and
his funeral procession.



1. Silhouette of Burns by J Miers, 1787 "Robert Burns 1787 / From a silhouette by J Miers in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery"

2. Portrait miniature of Burns by A Reid, 1790. "Robert Burns 1796 / From a miniature by Alexander Reid / in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery"

3. "Robert Burns / From a Silhouette in the possession of G Burns Begg Esq., Motherwell"

4. "Robert Burns / From a portrait by an unknown artist, now in the possession of P W / Swinton Esq., Gifford"

5. "Robert Burns 1759 - 1796 / From the painting by Alexander Nasmyth in the National Portrait Gallery"

6. "Robert Burns / From the full length painting by Alexander Nasmyth now in the / National Gallery of Scotland"

7. "Robert Burns, 1824 / From an original painting by Alexander Nasmyth in the possession of / Miss Cathcart, Auchendrane"

8. "The Birthplace of Robert Burns / from a painting by Sam Bough RSA

9. "The Funeral of Robert Burns / From a painting by W E Lockhart RSA"

10. "Robert Burns, 1786 / From the painting by Peter Taylor, kindly lent to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery by Mr W A Taylor."

660mm x 550mm
Robert Burns House, Dumfries
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Dumfries & Galloway Council