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The McKie Collection

Centenary Tribute to Burns

19th Century


  • The Poetic Tirbutes, to the memory of Burns, ercieved by the Newcastle upon Tyne Club. - G. Printer, Newcastle. (1817)
  • A Poetical Address, delivered at the Burns club, of Newcastle upon Tyne. By W.G. Thomson (1824)
  • A Poetical Address, Delivered at the Burns club, of Newcastle upon Tyne, by W.G. Thomson. (1825)
  • The Alloway Centenary Festival. - An Ode, by Robert Story. John Herne, London. (1859)
  •  A Birthday Ode, a free translation from the Greek - by James Reid, of the Firm of W. & T. Samson, Nurserymen, Kilmarnock. James McKie, Kilmarnock. (1859)
  • A Birthday Ode, a free translation from the Greek, Second Edition improved. James McKie, Kilmarnock. (1859)
  • In Memoriam - A Lay for the 25th of January (Prize Poem by John Hyslop, Young Men's Society Competition) (1859)
  • Song - For Burns' Centenary, January 25th (by Archibald M'Kay) (1859)
  • Burns, or the Ploughman Bard. A centenary Poem, by A.B.Todd. James McKie, Kilmarnock. (1860)
  • Speech by James W. Cunningham, on 25th January - Stewarton, Thomas Wilson.
  • To the Memory of Burns, Centenary Ode, by Andrew Park. Thomas Murray & Son, Glasgow. (1859)
  • Burns, and the Lapse of a Hundred Years. A Sermon, by the Rev. Fergus Ferguson.- Glasgow, H. Nisbet. (1859)
  • Grand Ode, on Robert Burns, one of 621 competing Poems, for the Crystal Palace Prize - James Haining &co. (1859)
  • A Poem, on Robert Burns. Read at Lodge St. Stephens, Edinburgh, on 25th January. - Myles Macphail. Edinburgh (1859)
  • Letter by the Right Hon. Lord Brougham, on the occasion of the Burns Centenary Festival to the Hon. Lord Ardmillan Chairman of the Banquet in the Music Hall, Edinburgh. (1859)
  • The Religion of Robert Burns, a Lecture by Robert Blackley Drummond, B.A. David Mathers, Edinburgh. (1859)
  • Burns, A Centenary Poem, by Alpha. - London, Piper, Stephenson and Spence, (1859)
  • The Celebration of the Burns Centenary at Kirkcudbright. - Liverpool, Messrs Bean. (1859)
  • Burns Centenary in Heaven
  • Centenary Celebration of Burns' Birthday in Liverpool. (1859)
  • Full Report on Burns' 108th Aniversary, in Newcastle upon Tyne, 25th January 1867. (1867)
  • Ballad Concert in Liverpool, 25th January. Book of the Words. (1869)
  • Poeta Nascitur, on the Anniversay of Robert Burns, by Eta Mawr.
  • Newcastle and Tyneside BUrns Club. speeches delivered at the Anniversary Dinner, and eight original Poems on Scotland. (1869)
  • Coila over the Grave of Burns, by the late Thomas Rea.
  • The Religion of Robert Burns, by Rev. John R. Beard, D.D.
  • Rhymes, read in the Queen's Drawing Room at Aston Hall, 25th January, 1859, in memory of the birth of Robert Burns.
  • Ode on Burns, by M.L.G. (1859)
  • Report on the meeting, held to celebrate the Birthday of Robert Burns, at the Revere House, Boston. (1859)
  • Prize Poem, written for the Baltimore Burns Club, by Thomas fraser, 25th January 1859. (1859)
  • Burns Centenary: Are Such Honors due to the Ayrshire Bard? (1859)
  • The Idolatry of Genius, by William Lindsay Alexander, D.D. (1859)
  • Should Christians Commemorate the Birthday of Robert Burns? by the Rev. Fergus Ferguson (1869)
  • A Manual Containing a Discourse Against the Christian Commemoration of the Birthday of Robert Burns, by the Rev. Fergus Ferguson. Dalkeith (1869)


Description :  Marbled paper on board, with identical lining paper. Brown leather covering on corners and spine. Date and title in gold lettering on the spine


Marks: McKie private catalogue number (528) in gold on the spine. Notes and contents written in pencil by McKie on the inner pages.


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