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The McKie Collection

Journal and Newspaper Extracts

19th Century

Contains pages from

  • The National Reformer June 1874 (At page 320 "Robert Burns")
  • The Medium and Daybreak 1875 (At page 101 "Burns to Burns")
  • The London and Scottish Review Feb 1875 (At page 5 "Burns's Anniversary)
  • Facsimile of Burns Handwriting from the original in possession of Charles Griffen, Glasgow
  • "The Cottar's Saturday Night" from the original manuscript , 1840
  • Facsimile - "Tam O' Shanter"
  • Guide to the Burns Festival on the Banks of the Doon, 6th August 1844
  • The Bristish Workwoman (at page 37 and 45, "Robert Burns' wife and his female friends)
  • The People's Friend, July 1872. (At page 427 "Burns as a Lover")
  • "New National Song" with music - John Maclaren, Kilmarnock publisher
  • The Hibernian Journal, or Chronicle of Liberty. 3rd August 1796 (at page 3 "Robert Burns, the Scotch Poet"


Binding - Marble effect paper on board, cream lining paper


Marks - Annotations made in blue pencil throughout. Corrections made to articles by McKie

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