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The 8th Lord Howard de Walden

King Solomon at Gihon tapestry

This tapestry hangs in the Great Hall at Dean Castle. It is one of several tapestries which were collected by the 8th Lord Howard de Walden.

The scene depicted is the anointing of Solomon as King at Gihon as described in 1 Kings chapter 1 verse 38. The King is seated on a charger. Trumpeters lead the way and footmen bearing polearms follow behind. The latin inscription in the top border reads;

"They anoint him with sacred oil and crown him king; the priests wish all prosperity to their leader"

Only the border at the top is original. At some point the width of the tapestry has been reduced and the side borders of painted canvas are later additions.
Place of Production:
wool, linen, canvas
3 x 3.55m
Dean Castle
Digital Number:
Creation Date:
circa 1530-40
East Ayrshire Council