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Black Burnished ware storage jar

Roman Period

Black burnished ware This type of pottery had a grey-black metallic sheen by polishing the surface with pebbles.


Complete Cooking Pot, fumed ware, cross-hatched: found on Museum workshop bench in September 1947: no history, but might be Corrie material. Birley thought it might be funerary and from Gaul, but the type is British.


Description Large ceramic jar, urn or cooking pot with diamond cross-hatching around main body. Simple lip with horizontal band detail at the shoulder. Round body with short small foot. Pale orange matrix with grey interior and exterior. Several cracks. Surface losses in body in two patches.

Being more grey than black, this is likely to be Black Burnished ware 2, which was manufactured in the Thames estuary area, around modern Essex and Kent.

pottery & greyware & black burnished ware
height: 197 mm diameter (rim): 120 mm diameter (base): 66 mm
Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
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