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The Neolithic


Burial Cairn, Cairnholy I


This Clyde-type chambered long cairn is a conspicuous monument measuring 56m by 16m, with a monumental cresentic facade and a ruined chamber.

Excavated by Piggott and Powell in 1950, the forecourt blocking was found to cover hearths, a stone-hole, and western Neolithic pottery sherds.  The chamber is in two parts, the outer section contained a fragment of a jadeite ceremonial axe, probably attributable to the earliest burials, together with sherds of western Neolithic pottery and a leaf-shaped arrowhead. 

Late grave-goods comprised Peterborough and Beaker sherds and a plano-convex flint knife. The rear compartment, though robbed, contained a secondary cist, with food vessel sherds and a cup-and-ring carved stone, dating to the Bronze Age.  

Heather Nicholson