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Gothic Revival & The Eglinton Tournament

Gothic Revival & The Eglinton Tournament

Although the Gothic Revival of the mid-18th to and the 19th Centuries was foremost an architectural movement which revived and reinvented medieval forms and structures; it also led to an increasing interest in Medievalism and classical Romanticism by antiquarians and scholars in all things from decorative design to painting and literature; it seems to have almost acted as a counter-balance to the rapid industrial progress and enlightened thinking of the age. It was not isolated to any one country either; it gripped the entire continent of Europe and even America. In some ways it became a method by which a world whose momentum of technological achievement seemed unstoppable, was able to hold on to the more aesthetic and romantic endeavours of its past.


In July 2014 East Ayrshire Leisure Trust, on behalf of East Ayrshire Council, acquired one of the most important remaining artefacts relating to the Eglinton Tournament of 1839 - a silver-gilt statuette of the 13th Earl of Eglinton and his horse in their full Tournament armour.

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