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The Victorian Museum

James Watt Medal

19th Century

On this medal, thought to be made of silver, is a portrait of James Watt. On the reverse there is a castle & thistle and the inscription


"Soon shall thy arm, unconquered Steam! afar.

Drage the slow barge or drive the rapid car.

Or on the wide-waving wings expanded bear

The flying chariot through the fields of air.

Fair crews triumphant leaning from above

Shall wave their fluttering kerchiefs as they move.


On the edge is the inscription "From Peter Brown to the Ayr Mechanics Museum. Sepr. 13 1811". This is one of the collection items held the longest by South Ayrshire Museums and its predecessors, in this case from the Ayr Mechanics Museum.

Rozelle House Galleries
Accession number:
2336 SAC
Digital Number:
SAMD010a; SAMD010b
South Ayrshire Council

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