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Rebellion & Enlightenment

The Covenanting Wars 'The Killing Time'

Covenanters Banner

17th Century

According to tradition this flag was carried at Drumclog in 1679 when a small force of Covenanters defeated the King's troops led by Claverhouse. The flag was found in the loft of a house in Cumnock in 1830 and was carried in several public processions at the time of the Reform Bill (1832). It came into the collection of the Baird Institute in 1925.

The flag is in a very delicate condition and some conservation work was carried out on it in 1979. The silk was washed and straightened and the flag was sewn onto hardboard covered with cotton flannelette and heavy cotton. All the fabrics and threads used in the work were dyed to match the originals.

The Baird Institute
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