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Rebellion & Enlightenment

The Covenanting Wars 'The Killing Time'

Covenanter's sword


This sword is believed to have belonged to a man called Welsh of Scaur Farm, Irongray. Welsh was a wanted man after the battle of Rullion Green and was named in a Royal Proclamation of 4 December 1666 as being a rebel and traitor to the Crown. Local tradition tells us that Welsh escaped the soldiers coming to arrest him and his sword was given to the man who saved his life.


The blade was made in Germany in the Turkish curved style. It has a Passau wolf mark which dates it to the mid 17th century. The blade has been set into an English style hilt which would have orginially been bound with decorative wire. Damage to the blade shows that it has been used in sword fighting and has been sharpened many times.

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