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The Medieval Period (1100AD - 1499AD)

The Medieval Church

Statement Concerning the Ardrossan Sarcophagus by Mrs Hunter, Spiritualist


In 1913, Mrs Hunter, a Spiritualist from Saltcoats, claimed that the medieval sarcophagus found at Ardrossan Church two years previously, had been for an Earl.


The statement Mrs Hunter gave to the Burgh Surveyor and Sanitory Inspector's Office read as follows:


"In the stone coffin reposed the body of an Earl who went to Palestine in the year 1199 and fought under Richard the Lion.
He was wounded in 1232. Captured by the Moors and kept a prisoner for five years. Subsequently he married a Moorish lady.
Was brought home on a private vessel in 1237.
Two years after he had arrived in Palestine he won his spurs.
Was buried with all his trappings including a valuable sword encrusted with precious stones. At his right hand was placed a box of jewels. About 100 years after burial the coffin was opened up by priests and the valuables stolen.
It appears he had led a wild life while with the Moors."

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