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War & Decline

The First World War

First World War 1914-15 Star


1914-15 Star and ribbon.

The recipient's number, rank and name was inscribed on the back of these medals. This one reads: "10373, PTE A. STEVENSON. K.O.SCO.BORD:"

Private Stevenson was in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

The 1914-15 Star was a campaign medal awarded to individuals who served in World War I.  It was authorised in 1918.  Campaign medals were awarded to those who saw service overseas.
The front of the medal is ensigned with a crown and features two crossed swords, a wreath of oak leaves, the Royal Cypher of King George V at the foot, and an overlaying central scroll inscribed '1914-15'.
The most common service medals were the 1914 Star, the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. The two Stars were issued in the last years of the war to recognise those who had served at the beginning.
When an individual had not survived the war, the medals were sent to their next of kin.
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