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War & Decline

The First World War

Tortoise shell


A tortoise shell which has two holes in the top. On the side of the shell it has the letters "A & S H". Each end of the shell has a metal plaque with "BALKINS 1916" and the other "FRANCE 1915."


The shell commemorates battles fought in France in 1915 and the Balkans in 1916 by the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Perhaps the tortoise was a personal pet or a unit's mascot?


People treasured a variety of objects which they found on the battlefield, bought or traded for. These could be mementoes of places or personal experiences, enemy weapons and equipment kept as trophies, or objects handmade or decorated to pass the time. Smaller items of military uniform, especially badges and hats, were also kept as souvenirs.

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