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War & Decline

The Home Front (civil defence & rationing)

Air Raid Warden's First Aid Kit

20th Century
This canvas bag belonged to Miss Annabella Spier of Prestwick, who was an Air Raid Warden during World War II. It contains 3 small rods (thought to be for splints), 4 cards of Lifebuoy Safety Pins (3 complete, one with 4 of 6 remaining), a small wooden board, (also thought to be for a splint), loose dressing, 2 Mine dressings, 6 triangular bandages, 3 large first aid dressings, 1 woven strap with pad (used to put pressure on a wound) and a pencil. Miss Spier died in 1984.
Rozelle House Galleries
Accession number:
2992 SAC
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South Ayrshire Council