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War & Decline

The Norwegian Connection

Photograph of Mrs Nellie Kristiansen, Bergen Burns Club

20th Century

This photograph is of Mrs Nellie Kristiansen (right), Secretary of Bergen Burns Club and Peggy Flygansvoer (left), Vice Chairman of the Club.  Nellie was originally from Dalbeattie, later moving to Dumfries, and Peggy came from Aberdeen.


Nellie was the wife of Arnlijor Kristiansen, a merchant seaman who joined the Norwegian Army at Dumfries in 1940. Arnlijor married Nellie in June 1941, at a ceremony held in Norway House at Burns Statue. When the war was over she returned with him to live in military quarters in Bergen, Norway. Nellie got together with several other Scottish wives of military personnel to organise annual celebrations to honour Robert Burns – with haggis sent from Dumfries. In 1955 these celebrations were opened to all who wanted to attend, and the Bergen Burns Club was formed, with Nellie as its Secretary.

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