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War & Decline

The Second World War

5th Kirkcudbright Rifle Volunteers belt and brass clasp*sort txt*

19th Century

Rifle Volunteer Corps  - 5th Kirkcudbright

Headquarters - Maxwelltown

Date raised - 1st June 1860

Date disbanded (or absorbed) - Increased to two companies in 1872

Sections - Lochrutton (1872)

On 30th June 1860 the Galloway Administrative Battalion was formed with Headquarters at Newton Stewart to administer the existing corps of Galloway District (Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire). The Administrative Battalion continued to oversee the independently run companies of the Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire Volunteer Corps until 1880, when the Government acted to consolidate the country's various infantry battalions. Officially, this resulted in the Galloway Companies losing their county titles, but the actual day-to-day life of the Companies was not altered significantly, and so the change was readily accepted.

The Galloway Battalion was consolidated under the title of the Galloway Rifle Volunteer Corps, with its headquarters at Newton Stewart, and the eight existing Companies were reorganised as follows: Company :F, Headquarters: Maxwelltown, Former Corps: 5th Kirkcudbright.

Apart from two changes of headquarters (Castle Douglas, 1885; Maxwelltown, 1904), the Galloway Rifle Volunteers had a very stable existence for the next 28 years. However, in 1908 a major reorganisation of the Army in Britain was undertaken; the Militia was abolished, while the Volunteer Force was consolidated into the Territorial Force. 



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