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May 2014

1914-1918 - the Ayrshire Experience

1914-1918 - the Ayrshire Experience

Baird Institute, Cumnock

09 May 2014

100 years ago, in August 1914, the conflict that became known as the Great War began. It drew in nation after nation until it became truly a World War, affecting the lives of millions. This important anniversary will be marked nationwide.

Our exhibition concentrates on the experiences of men and women of Ayrshire who served in the armed forces or who worked on the land, in factories, or in hospitals. The ways in which the war and its fallen were commemorated in the years afterwards will also be featured. Each section will be illustrated by contemporary objects and images.

Linked to the exhibition is a digitisation project, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, which will allow us to work with young people to make our World War One collections more accessible online. Look out for workshops and events throughout the year.

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