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February 2018

Fossil Hunters: Unearthing the Mystery of Life on Land

Dumfries Museum

23 Feb 2018

Discover how life on earth moved from water onto land 360-345 million years ago through ground-breaking discoveries made in Scotland in Fossil Hunters at Dumfries Museum from Friday 23 February - Sunday 22 April 2018.
In Fossil Hunters, meet the people who uncovered these remarkable finds, discover the scientific techniques used to extract and identify them, and glimpse what life was like before the dinosaurs.

Supported by the Natural Environment Research Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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A Fish out of Water: the Earliest Invasion of Land by Animals with Backbones

Dumfries Museum

22 Feb 2018

We celebrate the opening of the National Museum of Scotland exhibition "Fossil Hunters" with a talk by Nick Fraser, Keeper of Natural Sciences at National Museums Scotland.
New fossils from the Scottish Borders are of international significance. Nick will explore how these fossils are giving us a whole new understanding of the earliest invasion of land b back-boned animals about 360 million years ago.
Light refreshments will be served.

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Finding our Past

Dumfries Museum

06 Feb 2018

2018 Foyer Exhibition

From prehistoric axe heads to a post medieval gold ring, this exhibition showcases recent archaeological finds made in our history rich region.

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