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February 2020

Making Guitars That Won't Cost the Earth

Dick Institute

20 Feb 2020

The hand-made guitars in Dean Castle Collection, were created using 17th century materials & knowledge. Their longevity
is due to care and the choice of woods used. For most instrument makers leaving a legacy is huge, that something hand crafted lives on, is enjoyed, played and treasured by future generations. Four centuries on, 21st century makers have another challenge – to use scarce and valuable resources sparingly and to embrace the new technological age, searching for new sustainable materials, of a quality, to create instruments that will look and sound beautiful and last…
This session will explore this Ayrshire-based makers solutions to a world-wide problem, including insight into the use of a highly prized natural material created by another Ayrshire based company. There will be a demonstration of techniques as well as hands on displays and music played.
Mark Bailey of Bailey Guitars has been making guitars professionally for over two decades, creating beautiful acoustics, electrics, ukuleles and basses at his workshop in the Carrick Hills since 2003. Courses are now also run on-line. They use only renewable energy - microgeneratoring using solar pv and until recently a handmade wind turbine.


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