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Moving Images: Seeing Things

In modern times there is no art form as influential, powerful or as widely accessed as that of the moving image. From cinema to television to web streaming; it reaches and affects more people from all walks of life like no medium before it. It can entertain us, educate us and be used as an advertising tool and by doing so affects every aspect of our day to day life.

When was the last time that we spent a day without watching or talking about that film or documentary that we saw the previous night? When was the last time that we did the weekly shopping without buying at least one item that we saw advertised on the box?

Films and television programming are unique to all other art forms in that they make use of all the others: theatre, visual art, music etc. It is a media which challenges the creativity and engages the imagination of its creators and its audience alike. It influences our emotions like no other art form; it can make us sad, happy, even angry. What is more it is probably the only medium that every one of us can access from our living rooms with the touch of a button.

Many of the objects displayed in this exhibition can also be examined online within the Exhibition Gallery.