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Scottish Archaeology Month at John Paul Jones Cottage

Visitors can view the excavations between 10am-5pm from Tuesday to Sunday.   On Thursday 6 September 2007 between 10am – 3pm visitors will be given tours of the excavations, and will have the opportunity to visit the field lab to look at the finds.  School parties visiting the excavation on this day will receive free admission to the cottage.

John Paul Jones, the son of a gardener, was born in 1747 at Arbigland on the Solway coast.  He grew up to become a captain in America’s emergent navy, and was soon harrying his homeland as part of the colony’s revolutionary war against Britain.  At the age of 32 he took command of the ship Bonhomme Richard and fought a sea battle which has been described as “one of the most desperate and sanguinary in naval history”.

John Paul Jones Cottage is situated in the grounds of Arbigland Estate, near Kirkbean, 13 miles SW of Dumfries.  Neyland and Schablitsky want to excavate and carry out remote sensing around the old Paul home in a bid to "reconstruct something of the boyhood of Jones and his economic status. He rose from relatively humble beginnings to rub shoulders with the aristocracy of France and prominent people in the United States".