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EL DORADO and THE LEGACY at Dumfries Museum

In two parts, El Dorado is the story of quarrying and mining in south west Scotland and The Legacy documents the impact these industries have had on both the landscape and people of the area.

El Dorado explores the extraction of natural resources in this region, and examines their place at the core of the area’s development, reflected by communities, buildings, and the economy. Coal deposits, iron ores, lead, building stone and even gold supplied the needs of industry and brought wealth to many towns and villages. This success was followed by a decline from which communities and landscapes have struggled to recover.

The Legacy is a photographic exhibition that looks at the mining industry in south west Scotland today and its impact on people and landscape.  The Future Museum project awarded this commission to documentary photographer Iain Brown.  Iain uses  his work to illustrate the wealth of stories that came from his conversations with people from communities connected with the mining industry, past and present.