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Butchers, Bakers and Candlestickmakers

Today most Scottish towns are dominated by supermarkets, convenience stores and brand names. But not so long ago our high streets were home to independent shops run by local people and designed to meet the needs of local customers.

The exhibition celebrates this now almost forgotten world of local firms and small shopkeepers. On display is a fascinating collection of material from Wigtownshire businesses. From Stranraer come whisky jars from the now-demolished Auld King’s Arms, horse equipment sold by the saddler R Mackie and items of Edwardian costume from Kyle and Carrick’s clothing shop. There are bills and letterheads from a range of businesses including McMasters the Glenluce ironmonger, a coat made by Charters and Brown the Whithorn tailor and the original till used by the Wigtown chemist A M Nicholson.

Also on display are a number of large scale reproduction photographs of local shops and their owners taken in the 1920s and 30s.

There is a special activity area for families and children and all visitors are invited to add a drawing with a shopping theme to the Cartoon Wall in the museum gallery.

The exhibition runs until 5 September and admission is free.