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Ayrshire Innovators Exhibition

30 May - 12 September 2009 at the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock
Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am - 5pm
Access is free

The exhibition Ayrshire Innovators is organised by East Ayrshire Council and explores key innovators who were born, lived or worked in Ayrshire. The list, which has been narrowed down to some 60 people, lays claim to some of Scotland’s most important figures.

Amongst the 60 are: Robert the Bruce, the architect of Scotland’s independence; William Wallace, the most important leader of the resistance against English rule; Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet; John Loudon McAdam, who revolutionised road building across the world, John Boyd Dunlop, inventor of the pneumatic tyre; Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin; James Keir Hardie, founder of the socialist movement; Bill Shankley, known for changing the management style of football; Graeme Obree, who broke the world record for the furthest distance cycled in one hour on a home made bike; Peter Howson, artist; Sir Tom Hunter, entrepreneur and Britain’s most prolific philanthropist.

The exhibition sites a number of reasons why Ayrshire has produced so many important figures. It claims a combination of natural resources like coal, rivers and the coast lead to the area being significant historically both in medieval times and post industrial revolution. It also claims there is something about the character of the Ayrshire people who have an ability to adapt and survive to their rural environment and make use of their surroundings to make improvements.

As part of Ayrshire Innovators new work has been commissioned from artist Matt Hulse and photojournalist Kieran Dodds. An illustrated talk by Dodds will take place at The Dick, on Friday 19 June from 7 – 9 pm, tickets are £3 per person and can be booked through boxoffice on 01563 554900. To find out about other events taking place in conjunction with Ayrshire Innovators please click here.

The exhibition runs from 30 May to 12 September 2009 at Kilmarnock’s Dick Institute and the museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11am until 5pm. Access is free.