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Reviresco - A New Role for an Old Tree!

10.00am – 12.30pm, 2pm – 4.30pm
Friday 30 April, Saturday 1 May, Monday 3 May
In spring 2009 the staff who maintain the museum gardens noticed evidence of rot beneath the bark of our rare tulip tree. Further investigation revealed that, in time, the tree could become dangerous and may have fallen in a gale. This unusual tree was planted sometime in the middle of the 19th century, and has been a distinctive feature in the museum grounds ever since.
We were lucky to find a young replacement tree of the same species. This was planted nearby and in July the original tree was cut down to about 15’ above the ground. Over the last few months it has been seasoning and over the May Bank Holiday we hope that it will form the basis of an exciting new sculpture by local chain saw artist, Rodney Holland.
The main feature of the sculpture will be St Michael, with the dragon’s tail spiralling down and around the trunk.  St Michael is the patron saint of the town of Dumfries, and appears slaying the dragon on the town’s coat of arms. There will also be a banner bearing the words “A Loreburn” and “Reviresco”. The former is the motto of Dumfries, used to rally the inhabitants when the town was threatened with attack. The latter is the motto of Maxwelltown and means “I grow strong again”. The museum is located in the former burgh of Maxwelltown, which merged with the burgh of Dumfries in 1929.
The remainder of the sculpture will contain images inspired by the collections of Dumfries Museum and will travel back through time as the dragon’s tail spirals down and around. What is included will depend on the condition of the tree when work begins - visitors are invited to come and watch as the sculpture takes form!
This event is part of the Show Scotland programme and is supported by a Museums Galleries Scotland grant. Visit for details.