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Toy Stories! 100 years of childhood toys and games at Stranraer Museum (1)

Toy Stories!
100 years of childhood toys and games at Stranraer Museum

The exhibition gallery at Stranraer Museum is currently stuffed with toys and games of all shapes, sizes and ages. Fighting for space are Muffin the Mule, Meccano, My Little Pony, Masters of the Universe and a host of other children’s favourites.

‘Toy Stories’ is a feast of toys and games. Gathered together in one space are classic toys like Kerplunk, Knitting Nancy and the Telly Tubbies. Alongside are such forgotten wonders as Smoking Monkey, Spiderman the fisherman and the Great Marvello.

The exhibition includes early toys, toy crazes, controversial toys and Toys of the Year. There are also very silly toys like the Transformer who cannot transform. In addition there is a wonderful collection of antique video and computer games.

Visitors can view a reconstruction of a child’s bedroom from the 1970s. And they can try their hand at a selection of games ranging from Fuzzy Felt cowboys puzzle to an X Box.

‘Toy Stories’ is about having fun. It is a chance for people to rediscover their childhood favourites. And it is a great opportunity for children to find out what sort of toys their parents and grandparents played with.

The exhibition has been put together by Scottish Independent Touring Exhibitions and will be at Stranraer Museum until 13 March. Admission is free.