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Ayrshire?s Icons

From Robert Burns to Tom Hunter, this exhibition highlights cultural, sporting, scientific and entrepreneurial figures who we are proud to call our own. The exhibition is made up of one film piece and a series of photographs, by Michael Visocchi and Adam Proctor, and Kieran Dodds respectively.

The collaborative partnership of sculptor Michael Visocchi and moving image artist Adam Proctor resulted in a short film which investigates and re-establishes Burns’ connection with the rook, and uses these birds as a metaphor to investigate Burns’ broader comments on the world. The film underscores Burns’ fascination with the rooks’ imposed human traits and visual splendour, placing them amidst an imagined landscape of scientific constructions and measuring devices alluding to the Scottish Enlightenment. This stunning and evocative film investigates a visual interpretation of Burns’ work, avoiding the trappings of cliché all too often levied upon the poet. The animation transports the viewer to Ellisland, to stand where Burns once stood, and watch rooks gather to roost on an autumn evening.

Kieran Dodds’ bold style of portraiture attempts to set characters in their context, influenced by their personalities and extraordinary aspects of their lives. The environment in which the photographs are taken is key. Amongst them here we see world cycling champion, Graham Obree, in a ‘cut-out-and-keep’ shape framing him and his homemade bike; Scotland’s only football World Cup winner Rose Reilly, underneath her childhood goalpost; and Tom Hunter looking out from a grand architectural back-drop.