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Moving Stories

Thursday 28 October to Tuesday 30 November 2010

10 people, 10 experiences, one unmissable exhibition!


This unusual travelling exhibition combines photography, objects and audio-visual material in an exploration of ten people’s experiences of interacting with the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.


The first phase of the exhibition toured 1,330 miles around Scotland during 2009, and received more than 100,000 visitors.  This updated version explains how the stories of the ten people featured have moved on since they first became involved with the Scottish Parliament.


Amongst the stories featured in the exhibition are -


Bob Reid, South of Scotland, submitted a petition to establish Off-Road Motorbike Facilities.

I am a great believer that there is a key to every young person, no matter what their problems are… give them a new challenge, something they can relate to, something they can belong to.

John Muir, West of Scotland, submitted a petition on tackling knife crime following the death of his son.

I think that the public in Greenock and surrounding areas did recognise that the situation that Damian found himself in could have been their son or their daughter…something’s got to change.

Reverend Iain MacDonald, Highlands and Islands, led Time for Reflection in the Scottish Parliament.

People here are thoroughly engaged with community, with social justice issues. A real community is defined by how it looks after its most needy.

Claire Ewing, Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Politics is everywhere and everything but young people don’t see that…if you want it then you’ll fight for it…you need to believe in yourself and believe in what you’re doing.


The photography in the exhibition is by the Scottish Parliament’s official photographers Andy Cowan and Adam Elder and the interviews were carried out by freelance oral historian Catherine O’Byrne.