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Superheroes come to Stranraer

Superheroes first entered western culture at the end of the 1930s. For reasons that are not difficult to understand they were known in those days as the ‘long underwear’ guys.

It is true today’s adventures are more tongue-in-cheek than half a century ago but in the early 1940s the Superheroes performed a valuable function. Well before the USA joined the war against Germany, Superman and Captain America were fighting in their comics a propaganda battle against the Nazis. It is odd that while the muscular, jaw jutting heroes of the Nazi and Soviet states have been consigned to the junkyard, the jaw jutting American Superheroes are as alive as ever.

Superheroes have different characteristics. The original of course is Superman. Wonder Woman became his counterpart for the girls. Batman, Shadow, Moon Knight and Cat Woman were heroes of the night. Human Torch, the Hulk and Morbius the living Vampire were the unfortunate result of faulty scientific experiments. Namor was the child of an air breathing father and a water breathing mother whereas Aquaman was the child of a man and a mermaid.
And then we have the heroes who prefer to fight in groups, the New Warriors, the Legionnaires, the Super Friends and the Justice Society of America.

The exhibition brings together a fascinating collection of original comics from the 1950s and 60s. And on Saturday 19 March visitors will have the chance to help create a giant Stranraer Superhero who will go on display in the museum.

The exhibition runs from 19 March to 23 April and admission is free.