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Exhibition Down the Dock: The Dock Delineated

Down the Dock: The Dock Delineated

15 September - 3 November

Expanding on this year's foyer exhibition, Down the Dock, this gallery exhibition traces different aspects of Dumfries' Dock through paintings, drawings, photographs, maps and plans. This small, but highly significant, piece of land is probably the most frequently illustrated view of Dumfries, reflecting just how much of the town's history is contained there.


There are large scale Ordnance Survey maps from the 1800s, so detailed that mooring posts, cast iron seats, pumps and wells are shown. Very recently released aerial photographs illustrate the development of the Dock Park in the 1920s. Taken in the early days of aviation from extremely low altitudes by ex-First World War pilots these images give an enthralling view of a Dumfries which has

largely disappeared. There are architectural drawings of the park's original features and a chance to see plans and drawings of the forthcoming regeneration project which will return the Dock Park to its former glory.