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Fabulous Finds Exhibition at Annan Museum


8 September - 20 October

Fabulous Finds - Dumfries and Galloway Archaeology Uncovered


A glittering exhibition of recent archaeological finds from across Dumfries and Galloway.


This exhibition celebrates the archaeological discoveries which have found their way into our local museums through the law of Treasure Trove.


Under the common law of Scotland, the law of Treasure Trove is based onquod nullius est fit domini regis: "that which belongs to nobody becomes our Lord the King's [or Queen's]". In Scotland all finds, whether made by archaeological excavation, fieldwalking, metal-detecting or chance are the property of the Crown and are potentially Treasure Trove.


For many years these finds were then given, as a matter of course, to the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh. Since a change of policy in the early 1990s most Treasure Trove objects are now allocated to appropriate museums in the area local to the find.


For museums all across the country Treasure Trove is a valuable tool in preserving and securing the evidence of our past for the future.


Saturday 20 October 4-6pm

Talk - Swordcraft through the Ages, with Andrew Nicholson, Historic Environmental Records Officer


To mark the end of the Fabulous Finds exhibition Andrew Nicholson will give a light hearted talk on how swords were used through the ages. In direct combat who would win - the fighter with the iron sword or the Bronze Age sword?


Learn about how swords were made and used through time placing our Lockerbie Bronze Age sword in context. The talk will be followed by refreshments and a final opportunity to view the exhibition and ask informal questions of Andrew and museum staff.


Suitable for all ages.

This event is free but places are limited.

To book please telephone Annan Museum on 01461 201384.